Meet Recap: Aisling competed at her first CPU Nationals this past week where she finished with a 303lb. squat (12lb. PR), 176lb. bench press (5lb. PR), and a 358lb deadlift for a 11lb. PR total of 843lbs.! The clutch lift of the day came on her 3rd attempt deadlift, where just prior on her 2nd attempt she was red lighted (possibly for hitching?), but was able to come back on her 3rd attempt on a 2.5kg jump and lock it out to finish the day on a high note! For those who haven’t competed at a meet of this size, it’s an experience. Add in having to travel, being in a warmup room with hundreds of people, and being on the big stage just brings a different level of nerves, but Aisling kept true to her past performances and put her best lifts together on the platform!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 84+kg

Squat: 303lbs.

Bench: 176bs.

Deadlift: 363lbs.

Total: 843lbs.

Coach: Steve

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