Meet Recap: Payton made his Arnold debut and absolutely killed it! 9 for 9 day with a 589lb. squat (38lb. PR), 391lb. bench press (22lb. PR), and 666lb. deadlift (22lb. PR), finished with a 1648lb. total (116lb. PR). We had Payton move up a weight class, so even though he was competing at 205lbs, he weighed in at 192lbs. which boosted that Wilks and IPF points score to 485 and 737 respectively. This was about as perfect as a day as we could have hoped, and it was capped off by the hype from @genopowerlifting when Payton went 666 on his final deadlift to cap the day off with a bang.

What may be the most amazing part of this meet though is that going in Payton was qualified last in the 93kg and wasn’t really in the picture for best overall male lifter. But fast forward 4 months of amazing progress, and Payton was able to take home 3rd place in the 93kg class and 3rd place overall in the entire meet. Next up for Payton is the USAPL Missouri State meet in June, then it is off the National in October where he has a great chance to possibly work into the top 5 in the 93kg junior class. For now though it is time to slowly gain some bodyweight, as over the next couple years the goal will be to have Payton maximizing his potential in the 93kg weight class.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 93kg

Squat: 589lbs.

Bench: 391bs.

Deadlift: 666lbs.

Total: 1646lbs.

Coach: Steve



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