Meet Recap: It was a 9 for 9 day for Patrick, who finished 2nd in the highly competitive 93kg class at the Arnold A7 Raw Challenge. Patrick finished the day with 606lb. squat, 402lb. bench press, and 651lb. deadlift for a 1658lb. total! This total was a prime example that its not always about hitting lift PRs, as the only actual lift PR Patrick had was squat (5lb. PR), yet PR’d his total by 17lbs.! More so this meet is when everything came together and was on point all on the same day. This was also the first time Patrick truly was competing for placing. We knew going in he had a great shot at getting 2nd place, but that he needed to hit all his lifts to do so. Due to this, we took a slightly more conservative approach as any missed 3rd attempts could have knocked him off the podium. He was back and forth all day with two other competitors and it came down to the last deadlift, where Patrick smoked his 3rd and secured 2nd place.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 93kg

Squat: 606lbs.

Bench: 402bs.

Deadlift: 651lbs.

Total: 1658lbs.

Coach: Steve



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