Meet Recap: Elijah competed in his first full powerlifting meet this past weekend at the JB Boss Party on the Platform meet in Springfield, Il. Elijah hit some pretty big lifetime PRs, where he finished with a 363lb. squat (48lb. PR), a 231lb. bench press (26lb. PR), and a 385lb. deadlift (22lb. PR)!

In working with Elijah, we have mainly been trying to put our focus on technique with all of his main lifts. He is signed up for the Springfield Showdown in April, so this meet gives us a better idea of what we need to work on in preparation for that. His squat has come a long way, but we need to work on him not dive bombing his attempts and having more control. All of his squats leading up to the meet were down with a tempo on the eccentric, as this is something we will definitely continue to do. Also, we are going to work on a couple things to hopefully help his lockout on deadlifts.

Division: Teen

Weight Class: SHW

Squat: 363lbs.

Bench: 231lbs.

Deadlift: 385lbs.

Total: 979lbs.

Coach: Patrick

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks to Patrick, Steve, the crew at gpathletics, and the methods that PRS provides for their athletes. I couldn’t be making this kind of progress without all of these guys or without this training method.

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