Meet Recap: 188lb. PR Total!!! Dave’s last meet was in December 2017, and this past Saturday he returned to the platform and absolutely crushed his previous numbers! Dave finished with a 534lb. squat (49lb. PR), 385lb. bench press (11lb. PR), and 601lb. deadlift (83lb. PR) for 1521lb. total and a 48 point Wilks increase! This was in combination with a significant weight cut the week of the meet, as Dave weighed in Monday at 287 and had to get down to 275lbs. come Friday (officially weighed in at 272.2). We were able to achieve the majority of that cut through gut content manipulation and a water load, but had to get the last bit on Friday morning in the sauna. Strength wasn’t affected in the slightest though and Dave’s strength was at an all time high on meet day.

Division: Master’s

Weight Class: 125kg

Squat: 534lbs.

Bench: 385bs.

Deadlift: 601lbs.

Total: 1521lbs.

Coach: Steve

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