Meet Recap: The goal was simple…qualify and secure a spot in the Virginia Pro, and Lorenzo did just that and more! Lorenzo finished with a perfect 9 for 9 day, PRing all 3 lifts, and getting redemption on his meet in May where just about everything that could go wrong did. A big thanks to Connor Borkert for handling Lorenzo on the day, as it was no easy task. There were a ton of great competitors battling for those top 5 spots to secure a spot in the Virginia Pro, and required plenty of strategizing on placing based on GL Score. Attempt selection was spot on though, and not only did Lorenzo qualify, he came in 2nd overall behind the legend Ashton Rouska. He finished the day with a 617lb. squat, 385lb. bench press, and a 722lb. deadlift for a 72lb. PR total of 1725lbs!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 93kg

Squat: 617lbs.

Bench: 386lbs.

Deadlift: 722lbs.

Total: 1725lbs.

Coach: Steve

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