Meet Recap: The goal was pretty simple for Matt at the 2021 USPA Pioneer Open, and that was to make a run at the 165lb. all-time squat world record. And really the hardest part of that for Matt is the cut. Unfortunately that cut was a bit too much, and on the day he pretty much had all the ill effects of trying to cut a large amount of bodyweight with not much of the benefit, as he weighed in at 178lbs. In a competitive money meet though, Matt still finished the day in second place in the Raw division based on coefficient score, and pretty much all day I was back and forth trying to plan things out for what we needed to make a run at first, but that top end wasn’t quite there. Matt ended the day with a 661lb. squat, 369lb. bench press, and a 650lb. deadlift for a 1681lb. total and 521.6 DOT score. 

Division: Open

Weight Class: 82.5kg

Squat: 661lbs.

Bench: 369lbs.

Deadlift: 650lbs.

Total: 1681lbs.

Coach: Steve

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