Meet Recap: Mitch competed at the Missouri State Championships for his first time as an 82.5kg lifter in the USAPL. Mitch was able to finish the day with a 424lb. squat, a 275lb. bench press, and a 496lb. deadlift for an 1196lb. total! The highlight of the day was his final deadlift, and was basically an exact repeat of his last meet. Mitch was able to move his 2nd attempt really well, which was actually the high end based on how well his opener moved, but just lost his balance at the top. With the infrequency of competition that Mitch usually competes at, we were there to have some fun and load the bar, so rather than be conservative or repeat the load, we still made the jump to his high end 3rd option at 496lbs. and it moved better than I even expected. Per many sumo deadlifters, when velocity slows, Mitch almost has an easier time locking out and keeping balanced just due to the lock out slowing down and not being as aggressive. So after a little bit of a rough start on squat and bench, Mitch was able to cap off the day with a nice deadlift PR. 

Division: Open

Weight Class: 82.5kg

Squat: 424lbs.

Bench: 275lbs.

Deadlift: 496lbs.

Total: 1196lbs.

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