Meet Recap: Heather competed at the WRPF Queen of the Arch and went 9 for 9 for her 3rd straight time, as well as another PR total and PRs on all 3 lifts! Heather’s perfect day was rounded out by a 242lb. squat, 148lb. bench press, and a 308lb. deadlift for a 700lb. total! After her 2nd deadlift, Heather wanted the high end on deadlift knowing we had already secured a PR total, and per usual the high end was there, and was 27lbs. more than she had in training during this final block. Being our 3rd meet together, there are some trends we have seen all peaking blocks that played out once again. On deadlift, routinely Heather tends to underperform due to higher fatigue during the peaking block once heavier singles are introduced on both squat and deadlift. But once we pull back intensity and volume during that last 2 weeks, specifically on deadlift, come meet day she has always shows up with significantly more than what her gym strength would lead to believe. And the same actually happens on bench as well, and it has now been 2 meets in a row that she has been able to hit 2.5kg more than what she did in the gym. She had actually failed 148lbs. in training, but as seen in the video, it looks like an easy 2nd attempt. I was a little hesitant to plan for that big of a peak this time, since it has only occurred once before, but seeing the same trend happen again leads me to plan for this possibility a bit more the next go around.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 67.5kg

Squat: 242lbs.

Bench: 148lbs.

Deadlift: 308lbs.

Total: 700lbs.

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