Meet Recap: Izzy competed at USAPL Collegiate Nationals this past week in the 60kg class, where she was able to secure a 10kg PR total on an 8 for 9 day! Izzy lifts were rounded out with a 292lb. squat, 176lb. bench press, and a 363lb. deadlift for an 832lb. total! She unfortunately just missed out on a 308lb. squat that she was able to lock out, but just had a little up and down motion. Regardless, this was Izzy’s best meet yet execution wise and the best she has peaked. We know she likely even had a bit more on deadlift, and Mckendree head coach Bradly Bechel was on top of placing come 3rd attempts, and 165kg at the time secured a top 10 finish (unfortunately someone on a different platform jumped into 9th afterwards).

Division: Collegiate

Weight Class: 60kg

Squat: 292lbs.

Bench: 176lbs.

Deadlift: 363lbs.

Total: 832lbs.

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