Meet Recap: A year ago to the month Lorenzo suffered what was probably the most significant injury I have had an athlete incur, with I believe an 80% tear of his right adductor tendon. Things were lined up to be a great year and Lorenzo’s first Nationals, and unfortunately those plans were for not. I can’t applaud Lorenzo enough for his mindset though when that occurred, as it was immediately back to how he could return to 100% and more. Thanks to John Song and Mason Moore during that initial rehab state, within about 5 months he was back to normal training, and the full return was complete last weekend at the USAPL New Jersey State Championships. Lorenzo was able to hit a PR total of 1741lbs. that was rounded out by a 611lb. squat, 385lb. bench press, a 744lb. deadlift in the 90kg class. The deadlift stole the show, but just due to the circumstances it was awesome to see Lorenzo crush his 3rd attempt squat. He hadn’t hit anything really above an 8 RPE or close to a max in well over a year, so even on meet day we played it pretty conservative. And knowing his normal 3rd attempt velocity, I am very confident there was at least another 7.5kg in the tank and squat being at its all time best strength level. For a multitude of reasons we took a different approach to peaking into this meet, and for squat and deadlift it was his best all around performance to date, and I have little doubt this will be the setup we use moving forward. I won’t do a full write up on the method of peaking we used, because that will be incoming on Powerlifting Now from July to September. But in short, we followed more of a train into the meet approach and strength was even better than hoped.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 90kg

Squat: 611lbs.

Bench: 385lbs.

Deadlift: 744lbs.

Total: 1741lbs.

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