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Meet Recap: Clayton competed at the WRPF DT Squat 2 Depth Showdown and brought the heat on squat in particular, hitting a 33lb. PR to help solidify a big PR total at 1350lbs! Clayton was able to round out the day with a 297lb. bench press that surprised us, as benched peaked amazingly well and definitely had more in the tank. And then a 573lb. deadlift that left a little more to be desired, as he took a run at 600, but unfortunately left hand grip didn’t hold. Overall it was a fantastic day though and about a near flawless prep and peak. As I had detailed many times on my stories, we tried a different approach to deadlift in only performing singles the final block leading into the meet, with the heaviest deadlift still not being a full max at 584lbs., and by far the best it had ever moved. We were very confident 594-600lbs. was there on the day, but now 2 meets in a row grip issues have popped up after having zero issue ever in training. So we will have to figure out the why behind that, because strength wise deadlift has never been better.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 110kg

Squat: 479lbs.

Bench: 297lbs.

Deadlift: 573lbs.

Total: 1350lbs.

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