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Meet Recap: Ethan is headed to Raw Nationals! It has been Ethan’s goal to have the opportunity to compete at Nationals since we started in 2021, and his performance at Regionals nailed the QT on the head that he needed. The game plan going in was to set things up to hit the QT on his second attempt deadlift, and he was able to do exactly that, and ended the day with a 578lb. squat, 314lb. bench press, and a 628lb. deadlift for a PR total of 1521lbs. and top 3 in the Central region! Ethan took a run at 650lbs. on his 3rd attempt deadlift since the goal was already in the bag, and was able to get it to his thighs, but couldn’t quite lock it out. In all reality though, this was the best case scenario day after having to take 2 weeks away from normal training with a vacation in Europe (where he got engaged!) and then upon returning hurt his ankle. So really only the final 5 weeks leading into the meet was he able to train squat and deadlift normal again, and still was able to hit PRs on both lifts. 

Division: Open

Weight Class: 100kg

Squat: 578lbs.

Bench: 314lbs.

Deadlift: 628lbs.

Total: 1521lbs.

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