Meet Recap: Nico competed at the USAPL Rising Tide and got the redemption he has been waiting for since Collegiate Nationals in 2021. When I started working with Nico last July, the goal from the get go had been to put together a performance on the platform that was indicative of his true strength, and the culmination of that was this meet. Nico was able to finish the day with a 589lb. squat, 391lb. bench press, and a 672lb. deadlift for a PR total of 1653lbs! Execution on the day was about perfect, as that was something we really hounded in training. Throughout the final phases of prep, every top single squat Nico would have someone judging for knees and depth, and every bench single was with commands so that there were no surprises on the day. Nico has poured so much into this prep, and I remember before working with Nico, Joe Stanek really vouched for his work ethic. And Joe’s word was true, because I couldn’t ask for much more and Nico has been a pleasure to work with.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 82.5kg

Squat: 589lbs.

Bench: 391lbs.

Deadlift: 672lbs.

Total: 1653lbs.

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