Meet Recap: Colette competed at the European Master’s Championships in the M1 69kg class, and took home the bronze medal with a 412.5kg total on a 9 for 9 day! This was Colette’s first time moving up to the 69kg class in International competition, as well as her last European Championships as an M1 lifter, and it was a big win to walk away with another podium finish! Colette rounded out the day with a 336lb. squat, 170lb. bench press, and in typical fashion for her, a grinder 3rd deadlift with 402lbs. to secure the bronze medal!

Division: M1

Weight Class: 69kg

Squat: 336lbs.

Bench: 170lbs.

Deadlift: 402lbs.

Total: 909lbs.

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