Meet Recap: If you have been following me for any decent time, you know that for every lifter I have compete, I do a post highlighting their meet and some coaching insight from my lens. But for Preston, who just competed at the Arnold Pro, an Instagram caption I am not sure would do justice. So I made a full YouTube video of me detailing my process post meet as a coach and the reflection over his training. I look into the variables present when I first started coaching him, the approach we took initially and modifications we made to training, technical changes we implemented for each lift, and what went right versus what went wrong within prep for the Arnold. I then take a look at what insight I was able to gain from his 14 week prep, changes we will be implementing moving forward, and an overview of his current training block. As well as a discussion I had with Marcellus Williams regarding Ashton Rouska and JamaRR Royster’s training to find similarities and comparisons to be able to lay a framework and confirm or deny the directions I was planning on going. CLICK HERE to view!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 110kg

Squat: 705lbs.

Bench: 507lbs.

Deadlift: 661lbs.

Total: 1874lbs.

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