Meet Recap: Nik finished with a 72lb. meet PR and was able to redeem himself to deadlifts, which has seemed to be his achilles heel in his past 2 meets. Nik finished the day with a 501lb. squat, 309lb. bench, and 573lb. deadlift for a 1383lb. total and a 397 Wilks. Nik dropped 20lbs. since his last competition to now compete in the 93kg class, so this was a 33 point Wilks increase, and was super close to breaking that 400 barrier. He was able to hit his 3rd attempt squat of 518lbs., which would have gave him a 1400 total and 400 Wilks, but unfortunately got tough call on depth. He more than made up for it though on deadlifts, as he smoked his 3rd attempt of 573lbs.!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 93kg

Squat: 501lbs.

Bench: 309bs.

Deadlift: 573lbs.

Total: 1398lbs.

Coach: Steve

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