Meet Recap: With about 1 1/2 weeks notice we had Rob jump into the 3rd Annual STL Barbell Push/Pull. Rob wanted to enter just for fun and to support his home gym, so completely un-peaked we tossed this in as his Saturday workout and he was able to pull out a 6lb. deadlift PR. Rob went 5/6, just barely missing his 3rd attempt bench press, which would have been a 2.5kg PR. But he finished strong and hit the 650lb. deadlift he came for. As an added bonus, the guest judges for this meet were Yuri Belkin, CC Ingram, and Marianna Gasparyan, so he got to hit that deadlift in front of some powerlifting legends!

Division: Open

Bench: 331lbs.

Deadlift: 650lbs.

Total: 981lbs.

Coach: Steve


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