Meet Recap: Payton¬†took home all the awards at the USAPL Missouri State Championships, winning the 93kg junior, 93kg open, and the best overall male lifter! Payton finished the day with a 590lb. squat, 391lb. bench press and a 667lb. deadlift for a 1648lbs. total, 742 IPF score, and 486 Wilks. Overall it was a really good day and while the 5-10lb. PRs on each lift that we thought would be possible wasn’t quite there on the day, we were able to adapt and make good calls to still come out with the best total possible

Division: Junior/Open

Weight Class: 93kg

Squat: 590lbs.

Bench: 391bs.

Deadlift: 66lbs.

Total: 1648lbs.

Coach: Steve


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