Meet Recap: 71 years old and Peggy is still hitting PRs! Peggy had her best meet to date, not only total wise but also with her execution. Other than a minor mishap on her 3rd attempt squat, she executed to perfection and did an incredible job on all her lifts! She finished with a 149lb. squat, 110lb. bench press, and a 220lb. deadlift for a 479lb. total (17lb. PR). Peggy has competed 3 times within the past year, and that has no doubt increased her confidence on the platform and I am sure at Raw Nationals in October she will have an even better day! If you ask Peggy what the most exciting part of the weekend was though, I bet she would answer with the fact that she got to eat 2 cups of ice cream on both Thursday and Friday as part of her weight cut!

Division: Master’s 4

Weight Class: 72kg

Squat: 149lbs.

Bench: 110bs.

Deadlift: 220lbs.

Total: 479lbs.

Coach: Steve


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