Meet Recap: The theme of the day for Abbee was smiles! You can see her beaming as she locks out at that deadlifts, as she should be, because it was an absolute perfect day for Abbee on the platform. Massive PRs all around, with a 375lb. squat (28lb. PR), 204lb. bench press (23lb. PR), and a 424lb. deadlift (33lb. PR) for a 1003lb. total (94lb. PR)! She came in 3rd in the best overall lifter standings, where Abbee finished with a 708 IPF score and 416 Wilks. The name of her training blocks leading up to this meet were actually “IPF Points More Than Patrick”, meaning her husband @posten.lifts, and she almost did just that missing his score by just 7 points. There is no doubt it will be a fun little battle between them leading into Nationals on who will prevail as the top IPF score in the house. Because you know what they say, highest coefficient score wears the pants in the relationship!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 84kg

Squat: 375lbs.

Bench: 204lbs.

Deadlift: 424lbs.

Total: 1003lbs.

Coach: Steve

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