Meet Recap: 182lb. total PR and a perfect 9 for 9 day for @braithweights at the USPA @squat2depth_apparel Summer Showdown! Rob finished the day with a 496lb. squat (61lb. PR), 342lb. bench press (29lb. PR), and a massive 644lb. deadlift (69lb. PR)! Our goal from the get go was to set up the day going 8 for 8, building his total so that come the 3rd attempt deadlift we could go for all the marbles. Rob executed perfectly and this may have been the best I’ve ever had an athlete peak for all 3 lifts combined. Rob is still only 22 years old and has some prime years ahead of him to keep building, and we are hopping right back into where we left off before the meet.

Division: Junior

Weight Class: 125kg

Squat: 496lbs.

Bench: 342bs.

Deadlift: 644lbs.

Total: 1482lbs.

Coach: Steve

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