Meet Recap: 204lb. meet PR total for Payton! We knew going into this meet there were going to be some big meet PRs, it was just a matter of how big. The number 1 goal was to qualify for Collegiate Nationals, which Payton was able to do on 2nd Attempts alone. So from there I let him take some shots. We went fairly conservative in his last meet to go 9/9, but this meet was about pushing it a bit more. Payton came through with a 474lb. squat, 259lb. bench press, and 540lb. deadlift, with each being a minimum of a 50lb. PR. On his 3rd squat and deadlift I put some numbers in to see if we could hit our secondary goal of a 1300lb total, but just wasn’t quite there on the day, but it’s not far off. This was Payton’s last meet as a Teen 3, so he will be moving up into the Junior division this coming year, as well as we need to fill out the 105kg class a bit more. He weighed in at 94.6kg, so the goal for next year at this time is to see a 3 digit number there on the scale. 

Division: Teen 3

Weight Class: 105kg

Squat: 474lbs.

Bench: 259lbs.

Deadlift: 540lbs.

Total: 1273lbs.

Coach: Steve

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