Meet Recap: Peggy has eclipsed the 500lb. total mark with a PR total of 505lbs. at the USAPL PRs On The Platform! I was actually looking back over Peggy’s last 5 meets since early 2018, and like clockwork every meet she has added 7.5kg to her total. She was able to put together this PR total through a big 170lb. PR squat, 104lb. bench press, and a PR 231lb. deadlift! I told Peggy going into this meet we were going to be more aggressive than normal. Her last meet was Raw Nationals last year where she won the M4 72kg division, and we played it safe to make sure she got the numbers she needed on the board. But with training showing that some big numbers were going to be there, I planned some attempts for her that she admittingly was a bit nervous about. But she went out there and crushed it, with the big win of the day being the 170lb. squat that beats her 2 year standing best of 159lbs. 

Division: Master’s 4

Weight Class: 72kg

Squat: 170lbs.

Bench: 104lbs.

Deadlift: 231lbs.

Total: 505lbs

Coach: Steve

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