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Meet Recap: Shane competed in our team meet, USAPL PRs On The Platform, where he finished the day going 8 for 9 with a 59lb. meet PR total! He was able to PR all his lifts as well, with a 418lb. squat, 303lb. bench press, and a 418lb. deadlift that was an absolute grinder! He also got to experience actual competition on the day, something rare at local meets. Shane and @dltrippe were battling back and forth all day in the 83kg division. Pretty much every lift was shuffling their forecasted placing back and forth, and going into the final deadlift Shane pulled 418lbs. to tie Dalyn, but Dalyn came in clutch and hit his 3rd deadlift to take the win. For those who have actually gotten to experience the true competitive side of powerlifting, it’s just an awesome experience and I know Shane loved being able to have that friendly competition with his buddy!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 83kg

Squat: 418lbs.

Bench: 303lbs.

Deadlift: 418lbs.

Total: 1139lbs.

Coach: Steve

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