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Meet Recap: Peggy competedĀ at the young age of 70 years old, finishing 6/9 with 143lb. squat, 99lb. bench press, and 204lb. deadlift! She got red lights on her third squat attempt of 154lbs. only due to the fact that she shifted her feet after the start command, otherwise she could have added another 11lbs. to her squat. @chiefpinto05 handled her coaching into this meet since I have moved to Springfield, but it was a pleasure to be able to handle her at the meet and she forever will be a member of team PRs Performance.

For those who are not familiar with Peggy, she started working with me about 5 years ago as a one-on-one personal training client who needed to lose weight. At the time she was 220lbs. (which was already 20lbs. down from her heaviest), and this past weekend she competed in the 72kg division weighing in at 155lbs.! So not only has she become one of the strongest 70 year old women in the country, she lost over 65lbs. in the process! All 3 lifts and her total were state records, due to the fact that she is the first 70 year old, 72kg lifter to compete in Missouri. And while some would diminish a record like that since it was vacant, the fact is its not a matter of getting a state record in a non-competitive federation. She actually now holds the state records in USAPL and USPA. Instead this is a case where she is one of the few 70 year old women in the state who is actually pushing themselves to achieve amazing things in the world of strength sports, which is extremely impressive to me!

Division: Master’s 4A

Weight Class: 72kg

Squat: 143lbs.

Bench: 99lbs.

Deadlift: 204lbs.

Total: 446lbs.

Coach: Steve

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