Meet Recap:┬áJustin competed at USS Strongman Nationals this past weekend, with the video above showing his performance in the Arm Over Arm Truck. It was an extremely tough competition, as at the national level, USS and Strongman Corp do not mess around. If you are not familiar with either national event, there is a good deal of the competitors that zero most of the events. In the case for Justin, he was able to put up a score in 3 of the 5 events, and we came away with a good idea of what it is going to take for him to be competitive at a national level and a great experience being able to compete with that level of Strongman. To quote Justin from his post, “When you dive into deep water you often get a reality check. I was getting too comfortable at state and local competitions in powerlifting and strongman.” Time to get back to work and really just focus on getting stronger as a whole. For example, on the car deadlift only 9 of the 29 competitors were able to get a single rep, and one of the competitors who was able to get 4 reps has a 760lb. deadlift. So calculating that out, that means the car deadlift was probably around 677lbs., with Justin’s current max projecting around 585-600lbs.

Coach: Steve

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