Meet Recap: Adam┬ácompeted at the USPA Quad City Fix Expo, where he was able to finish with a 1599lb. total and 464 Wilks! This was a bodyweight PR total and Wilks PR, as for this competition Adam cut down from his normal 220lb. class to compete at 198lbs. He finished the day 7/9, with a PR squat of 601lbs., a 397lb, bench press, and a 601lb. deadlift. He just narrowly missed his 3rd deadlift at 622lbs., getting called for up and down motion, though he was able to lock it out. The fact that this meet went as well as it did was a miracle, as just 8 weeks ago it wasn’t a matter of how Adam would do, but instead iff he was ever going to compete again due to a injury scare from a back issue during deadlifts. Adam had to basically take two weeks off, and then slowly ramp up training the last 6 weeks leading into this meet. We took an extremely low volume approach, and basically tried to maintain neurological progress through higher intensity work and fortunately it paid off.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 90kg

Squat: 601lbs.

Bench: 397lbs.

Deadlift: 601lbs.

Total: 1599lbs.

Coach: Steve

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