Meet Recap: This was the day Shelly has been waiting for! All 3 lifts came together, 9 for 9, and I’m not sure a kilo was left on the platform! Shelly finished the day with a 28lb. meet PR total in the 63kg class, with a 292lb. PR squat, 165lb. bench, and a 330lb. PR deadlift! The achilles heel has typically been squat, and it has just not performed up to par with the strength we’ve seen in the gym. But after hitting 271lbs. in September, Shelly displayed her full potential with that 292lb. squat this past weekend! We’ve been waiting for 2021, because this is the year Shelly aged into Master’s 1, and a 788lb. total is immediately going to bring her into the competitive scene nationally. 

Division: Master’s 1

Weight Class: 63kg

Squat: 292lbs.

Bench: 165lbs.

Deadlift: 331lbs.

Total: 788lbs.

Coach: Steve

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