Meet Recap: After a 3 year hiatus, Tony is back and setting PRs on the platform once again! Tony competed at the 2021 USAPL Springfield Showdown, finishing with a 507lb. PR squat, 336lb. PR bench, and 468lb. deadlift! Tony has always seemed to bring an extra gear come meet day, so even though a 490lb. squat and 330lb. bench in the gym were grinders, I knew he’d have a little more on meet day. What I didn’t know is that 507lb. and 336lb. would be that easy, but for his first PRs in a couple years, I know we will both take that as a big win! Deadlifts seemingly looked spot on too, as you can see that 468lb. opener moved great. But unfortunately grip became an issue starting with the 2nd attempt, which had never come up before. So we will definitely see what we can do to resolve that, as I had no doubt Tony strength wise had 500+ on the day. 

I’ve coached Tony for about 4 1/2 years now, and he was actually one of my first ever clients that I actually charged when I made this powerlifting coach gig my full time career! Through that we’ve made a lot of progress, but I also know there have been some big life ups and downs during that time for Tony. It would have been pretty easy to throw in the towel, but he’s been determined over the last year or so to not let his 2018 meet PRs be his last. Honestly I almost got a bit emotional after Tony hit his 507lb. squat on his 3rd attempt, as I know just how much he’s been through over the last 3 years and was just so proud of him. I know this is just the beginning of Tony 2.0 and I got a feeling he will be back for more later this year, and deadlift will join the party as well!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 93kg

Squat: 507lbs.

Bench: 336lbs.

Deadlift: 468lbs.

Total: 1311lbs.

Coach: Steve

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