Meet Recap: Wascar is your Powerlifting America National Champion and is headed to Worlds! From USAPL Nationals to now, Wascar added 57lbs. to his total while losing 12lbs. bodyweight, which for a 59kg lifter is the equivalent of a 105kg lifter cutting down to 93kg and adding 80lbs. to their total to put it in perspective, which is absolutely insane. And while I am sure Wascar would credit his team of @theswolefessor and myself, this was Wascar’s incredible work ethic that made this happen. For 6 months he has been on point with every single variable down to a T to make this possible, and he has now accomplished his first goal of qualifying for Worlds, and next up is to bring home that World title! Wascar finished the day with a 479lb. squat, 303lb. bench press, and a 570lb. deadlift to nail the carpino 1 total on the head with a 1352lb. total! The goal going in was to hit the carpino 1 total on his second attempt deadlift, and that went perfectly to plan. So with that in the bag, we loaded up 590lbs. to chip Charlie Yeng’s best American total, but it was just a touch too much, as there was a little up and down and hitching, albeit Wascar locked it out.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 59kg

Squat: 479lbs.

Bench: 303lbs.

Deadlift: 580lbs.

Total: 1352lbs.

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