Meet Recap: Natalie is your Powerlifting America 57kg National Champion and is Malta bound! Not to mention she currently holds the highest total all time currently for the 57kg class with 1105lbs. It was about a near perfect day, with the goal being to take some relatively easy 3rd attempts, secure the Carpino 1 on her opening deadlift, hit a small PR total, and then get right back into training for Worlds. Squat moved even better than expected with 385lbs., and I am very confident Natalie likely had another 11lbs. in the tank if we were looking to push more. Bench was the only slight hiccup on the day, but I am very confident next time around that 242lb. bench will be there and more. That is a weight that has been becoming more routine each block, and there are some aspects of the final week taper that I’ll likely adjust this next go around. If there was a silver lining to missing that 3rd attempt though, it is that we pushed deadlift a little more than expected. And I am happy we did, because if we had done the planned 3rd attempt, I am not sure we would have gotten the full picture of just how high her top end deadlift strength can be. Natalie ended up crushing 488lbs. with zero doubt on the lockout to secure a small PR total with still some room to spare if she needed to go all out on deadlift.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 57kg

Squat: 385lbs.

Bench: 231lbs.

Deadlift: 488lbs.

Total: 1105lbs.

Coach: Steve

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