Meet Recap: Autumm had a day at the USAPL Virginia Pro, finishing 9 for 9 with the American Record squat and the American Record total in the 82.5kg class, weighing in at 78.3kg. Autumm usually competes in the 75kg class, but a great part about these pro meets is you do not have to cut. The double benefit of this was that we could go up a weight class where the American Records were actually lower than the 75kg class, hit a couple ARs, and not chip the 75kg squat record and bump that number up when we’d rather have that chip come Nationals time. Regardless though, Autumm executed perfectly, hitting a 451lb. squat, 259lb. bench press, and 457lb. deadlift for a PR total of 1168lbs! And in reality, she likely had at least 2.5-5kg more on each lift. We went somewhat conservative on squat and deadlift due to her second attempt moving just okay, but then come 3rd attempts she flipped the switch and hit another gear!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 82.5kg

Squat: 452lbs. 

Bench: 259lbs. 

Deadlift: 457lbs.

Total: 1168lbs. 

Coach: Steve

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