Meet Recap: The Pit Vipers came out to play at the USAPL Virginia Pro, and so did Sean’s deadlift. Sean had a rough start to the day, but capped it off with a 750lb. deadlift that had even more in the tank. We both knew 750lbs. was there, what we didn’t know is just how easy it would move. We had a little bit of a decision to make too, as Sean only needed 738lbs. to secure 5th place, and missing that final deadlift I believe would have dropped him to 9th. Sean told me to load what I was confident with, so we stuck with 750lbs. and that helped to wrap up a 1818lb. total to go along with a 606lb. squat and 462lb bench press. Really all 3 lifts were decently strong on the day considering this was about the most rocky prep we’ve had. 6 weeks out squat and bench were not going great at all, so we made the decision specifically on squat to rearrange things and more so train into the meet. Some technicalities prevented showcasing the full potential on the day, but the takeaway is outside of the local meet this February, this was probably the best all 3 lifts have felt on meet day in the past 2 years. 

Division: Open

Weight Class: 90kg

Squat: 606lbs. 

Bench: 463lbs. 

Deadlift: 750lbs.

Total: 1818lbs. 

Coach: Steve

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