Meet Recap: Zach competed at the USAPL Hometown Winter Games, where he was able to go head to head with the legend Brad Couillard, and was able to edge him out for the Best Overall Lifter award! Zach entered this meet on short notice, only about 9 weeks out, but as I somewhat expected, as soon as he registered things kicked into a second gear and training started really picking up. Zach was able to finished the day with a 551lb. squat, 358lb. bench press, and 661lb. deadlift for a 1571lb. total! Bench and deadlift in particular were at all time best strength levels on meet day, but unfortunately suffered a bit from his butt popping up on his 391lb. 3rd attempt (also shown) and was a no lift on 2 to 1 reds. For the short prep though Zach had a darn good day, and one of the things I think we learned is that he would benefit from competing more frequently. It was very evident the uptick in motivation and focus he had once it was go time, and I kept telling him to lift angry and it worked.

Division: Open

Weight Class: 82.5kg

Squat: 551lbs

Bench: 358lbs

Deadlift: 661lbs

Total: 1571lbs

Coach: Steve

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