Meet Recap: Nicolas competed at the USAPL Liberty Bell Classic and checked off a big milestone goal of hitting a 700lb squat in competition! It moved how we figured too, which was relatively easy considering how much he can grind a squat, and leaves more to be had at Nationals in September. Nicolas rounded out his total with a 413lb. bench press and a 705lb. deadlift for a 1818lb. PR total! Bench press was a nice 7.5kg PR over what he did at Nationals, but we’d be lying if we were completely happy with that knowing the progress he made. He had smoked 429lbs. just the block before with commands, but heading into that final block we started running into some technique issues, as well as in the future we are going to maintain higher rep count on top sets in that final block. It is a nice PR, but with how things have trended I expect that to be more like an opener come September. The good thing is for squat and bench press, we have the formula. There is no athlete who’s training is more predictable than Nicolas. Literally to a T we can pretty much predict every week’s and block’s performance for the last 6 months. And Nicolas actually has a whole spreadsheet with the predicted top sets for leading all the way into Nationals. Deadlift has been our one problem child though, and it really wasn’t until that final block leading into the meet that I think we were onto something. We found that lower workload, but higher absolute intensity seems to be the key. He can only handle so much volume, but if we taper back intensity at all on either day things start to sputter and detrain. So moving forward we have a more consistent setup planned, as we have been experimenting a lot, and hopefully that will start yielding the same predictability and results that we have seen on squat and bench press!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 110kg

Squat: 700lbs.

Bench: 413lbs.

Deadlift: 705lbs.

Total: 1818lbs.

Coach: Steve

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