Meet Recap: Colette is your 2021 European 63kg M1 champion, and M1 best overall female lifter! It was a very quick turnaround into this meet from Dutch Nationals, and to say things went perfectly smooth would be a lie. But on meet day Colette brought her best and did everything she needed to secure the win! Her lifts included a 331lb squat, 176lb bench, and 407lb deadlift to round out a total of 914lbs! This ties Colette’s PR total from Dutch Nationals, and considering the travel and circumstance leading in, I was really excited about that! She was her 3rd bench away from chipping that total, but unfortunately the great grind she had to lock it out was overruled by her butt coming up a bit. About 2 weeks out, Colette strained her bicep decently bad on her final heavy deadlift of the prep, and that was greatly affecting low bar squat position and benching leading into the meet. So honestly the fact that she was able to hit 176lbs was a big win, and we will take some time to recover before getting back into prep, as next up hopefully will be IPF worlds in September.

Division: Master’s 1

Weight Class: 63kg

Squat: 331lbs

Bench: 176lbs

Deadlift: 407lbs

Total: 914lbs

Coach: Steve

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