Meet Recap: The 700lb. deadlift has fallen! Rob competed at the 2021 USPA DT Nationals this past weekend, and while I’ll be the first to preach powerlifting is about the total, Rob has had his eyes on this 700lb. deadlift for over 2 years now. The last time he attempted it was in January of 2020 at a bodyweight 35lbs. heavier (299lbs.), and got it to his knees but just couldn’t finish the lift. Now at 264lbs. bodyweight, Rob crossed this lift off his bucket list, and capped off the rest of the day with a 518lb. squat and 341lb. bench press for a 1559lb. total! This was Rob’s first national meet, and first meet I believe he’s had to travel for, so the element of flying out to California and being in warm up room with hundreds of other lifters was definitely a new experience. I really appreciate the IG-less Bradly Bechel being there to help handle Rob, as I know there was some jitters going into squat, and at these bigger meets its just so vital to have someone in your corner on meet day, and Bradly is a pro at it!

Division: Open

Weight Class: 125kg

Squat: 518lbs.

Bench: 341lbs.

Deadlift: 700lbs.

Total: 1559lbs.

Coach: Steve

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